Crazy Woke Asians: Virtual Comedy Festival 2020

Celebrating Asian Heritage Month!

Raising awareness for Coronavirus Racism!

Raising Funds for Guardians of the Angeles Foundation and Feeding America


Why a Virtual Comedy Festival?

Comedians lost many gigs during the COVID-19 pandemic. CWA support the stand up community by giving comedians opportunities to perform online and gain exposure to a wider audience; hence we feature comedians from all over the USA and other countries.

We are raising awareness for coronavirus racism by spreading laughter. Support the Crazy Woke Asians Spread Laughter Fund! Our goal is to raise $20K or more so that we can pay every performer and donate to GOA Foundation and FEEDING AMERICA. \n \n Warning: We value and protect our audience from Zoom trolls, anyone making racists comments will be prosecuted as committing a hate crime.

Why are there non-Asian comedians on this festival when it's called Crazy Woke Asians?

We stand in unity and all the non-Asian comedians in this festival support and celebrate the Asian community.

How did you get the name Crazy Woke Asians?

We love the song "Redbone" by Childish Gambino and we were fed up with all the whitewashing in Hollywood. For our definition of what a Crazy Woke Asian is visit the Mission page.

How do I join the ZOOM MEETING?

Download meeting app ZOOM on your laptop or smart phone, visit link provided when show starts. TYPE IN ZOOM MEEETING ID and PASSWORD. Show running time is 1 hour. If you are watching shows back to back, click leave meeting when show is over and click join meeting, type in Meeting ID & Password to watch another show.

When do I check in on Zoom?

*Please join the meeting 15 mins before show starts to CHECK IN! Maximum capacity is 90 on a ZOOM SHOW, we will release no show tickets to waiting list 5 mins after show starts.

I have never been on a ZOOM meeting, what is it like?

You can see all the comedians and some of the audience who choose to share screen with everyone at the same time. We ask audience to MUTE their microphone if they need to talk during the show. Unmute for laughter is encouraged.

What if I can't afford a ticket but still want to see a show?

Email us at [email protected], tell us which show(s) you would like to attend and we will send you the meeting ID & password to join the show(s). Please invite your friends to support the festival!

How can I donate and support Crazy Woke Asians!

You can donate via Venmo @crazywokeasians or Pay Pal Any amount over $250 gives you a Sponsor Title and we will THANK YOU on our website, plus get VIP tickets to CWA live shows at the World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood or first look at our romantic comedy series Sweet and Sour Chicks!

Connect with us on social Media! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter!

Post a video with #spreadlaughter on a piece of paper and you laughing your ass off!

Tag us @crazywokeasians @asiansneverdie @ricefeed Sample video:

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Any issues, bugs, problems with the web pages?

If you are experiencing any problems with the website, please email [email protected]